5 Tips for Early Am Workouts!

As we take on our #Fiveuary Punchcards we’re really taking advantage of early morning classes!

Even though you know you always feel amazing post-workout, it can be hard to psych yourself up for a 5:30am wakeup call. BUT, it’s always worth it.  To get your early AM sweat sessions started, our Morning Warrior Rockstars are serving up 5 Tips on Dominating Morning Workouts!

Tip 1: Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan the entire week at once. Think of it kind of like meal planning – at the beginning of the week, book all the morning classes you plan on taking so that you’re already mentally halfway there. It gets you in the right mindset for the week and even helps you navigate offers for crazy weeknight activities the nights before class! -Christian

I like to set myself up the night before. I set aside every piece of my outfit (shoes too!), fill up my water bottle, get together a snack and put it all sort of close together so I can sleep as long as possible and still make it to class on time. 😀 -Jess

Tip 2: Bring a Buddy!

The best way to guarantee I will get out of bed for class is if I have someone to go with or a room full of badass uforians waiting for me. I can easily talk myself out of waking up early to go alone, but if I know someone else is counting on me to be there I’ll be there! Plus, what’s better than working out with friends 🙂 -Lissy

early amTip 3: To Snooze or Not to Snooze

Just don’t snooze! Plan as much as possible the night before so you can get up and go! -Ali

Snooze wisely. I use the few minutes of “snooze” time to do some morning stretches in bed – figure 4, gentle back twists, reaching arms fully up overhead, wrist, hip, and ankle rolls. Then when that second alarm goes off, your body is warm and you can hop out of bed. -Tori


Tip 4: Put a Little Something in your Belly!

My go to is half an almond coconut Kind bar or a handful of almonds. -Tori

My favorite thing to do is stock the fridge with some sort of treat to take with me in the morning – a coconut water or kombucha…preferably something healthy!  Sometimes, if I don’t have time to eat a “real” breakfast (so, pretty much always…), I’ll eat a spoonful of honey or a handful of dates to fuel an early morning workout! -Devi

Toast with almond butter! -Christian

I make shakes every morning. I’ll drink half before my workout and half after. I have some energy but I’m not too full and I have some left over to refuel after class(es). -Lauren

Tip 5: Get your Walk on!

Start your day walking. I always wake up a little early so that I have time to walk to the studio. Warming up your body before a workout is extremely important, and working out first thing in the morning can be particularly rough if you’re not preparing well. A body isn’t built to go straight from sleep to sprint. A good walk gets my heart rate up, my muscles loose, and gives my brain a chance to fully engage. When I get to the studio, I’m ready to go. -Logan