We Love uforia Swag: Devi!

GRIT + Hip Hop Club Rockstar Devi dishes on all things #uforiaswag!

Why do you love uforia swag?!

I love wearing uforia swag because it makes me feel united with the uforia crew and like I’m reppin’ my team!

How many pieces do you own?

Hard to count because there’s ALWAYS something in the laundry from the last time I embraced the sweat!  I’d guess…7 or so?

Devi SwagWhich one is your fav?!

Ooh…tough question!  The new neon hoodie is unbeatable.  Coming in at a close second is my grey tank with teal blue uforia graphic…it was originally a child’s size t-shirt that I cut the sleeves off to make into a tank;  I like that it is fitted, but my arms can breathe!  Also, it’s groovy that it works for both GRIT and Hip Hop.

A piece you’d like to see introduced?

I would love to see in uforia’s boutique a bra top of some sort that is made of a more athletic (in other words, sweat-absorbing) fabric than cotton (because, let’s be real, I’m basically the sweatiest lady on the dance floor…I’ve definitely done a mid-class full costume change before…Don’t get too excited; I totally ran to the bathroom to switch out my threads).  Maybe a funky colored racer back bra top or crop that says #dayrager on the front and uforia logo on the back?  Because we’re up with the sun to party! Also, pants!  Maybe a pair of sweats with uforia written up the side or some sort of loose-fitting bottoms for Hip Hop.