Embrace the Sweat is BACK!

Springtime at uforia is here which means it’s time to Embrace the Sweat!

Here at uforia, we live an #embracethesweat lifestyle everyday, but once a year we raise the stakes a little in a fun, fierce studio wide competition to inspire uforians to get sweaty, get involved in the uforia community, and give back.

 Participants will be split into 4 teams, each led by our fabulous Rockstars and Crew. These team captains will not only act as your Embrace the Sweat gurus throughout the competition, but will also compete in some exciting challenges. Keep reading for all of the details, then register online.


  • 10 days of fun physical and social challenges
  • Gain points for your team by completing challenges and adding points to your team’s score board at the studio.


  • May 12th- May 21st!


  • Primarily at uforia! But some challenges may take you into the community and bring #embracethesweat into your world!


How do I sign up?:

Sign up now!

What’s in it for me?:

  • A sweet swag bag full of goodies.
  • An opportunity to score prizes throughout the competition.
  • The fame and glory of bringing home gold for your team and having an awesome time throughout!

Team Captains:

  • Drea + Danielle – Green Team
  • Alyson + Sabine – Purple Team
  • David + Tashina – Blue Team
  • Devi + Alex – Black Team


A few keys to the challenge:

  1. Sweating is mandatory
  2. We abide by the honor system, meaning you’re responsible for marking your own points on the scoreboard.
  3. Don’t cheat….it’s the honor system, the guilt will eat you up!
  4. Trash talking is often a byproduct of competition. We don’t necessarily endorse it…. but we won’t stop it either! ;)
  5. Wear your team color and encourage other uforians to join your team; more people = more points!
  6. Get social! Bonus points will be given for social involvement. Watch Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for these exclusive BIG point challenges!

How to Win Points!

3 ways to get points:

  1. Taking classes
  2. Wearing uforia gear
  3. Posting post-sweat on social meida with #embracethesweat

PLUS, watch for BONUS double point challanges