Akansha Gets us Inspired

Need a little inspiration to get through the rain this week? We tracked down a fellow uforian who always has something cool to say about living a healthy & happy life:

We fell in love with our friend and uforian Akansha and her health & wellness Blog Citrus & Gold (don’t miss her killer Coconut Cream Chia Seed Pudding, her tips on Mental Fitness, or obviously why she thinks uforia studios is the “coolest fitness studio” in Nob Hill). When Akansha took over a Friday night Hip Hop class with a whole squad of friends, we knew she’d be a uforia for life! We caught up with Akansha and asked her to send a little fitness inspiration our way!

Meet Akansha:

Hey uforians, I’m Akansha and I’m a wellness blogger at Citrus & Gold and a POP Pilates Instructor!
I was born and brought up in the Bay Area and I currently live in Nob Hill, not too far from the studio. My roommate took me to my first hip-hop class and I’ve been hooked to the vibe at uforia ever since!

I find my uforia…

In loving myself and the people around me. I find self-care to be crucial in order to uplift others we cherish in our lives!

There are too many to choose from…but here are a few of my favorite Nob Hill spots…

uforia (duh!) for a good sweat. Project Juice for a post-workout treat (love their get-up and go go juice). Blue Barn for lunch,  Elephant Sushi for dinner, and Union Larder for  a glass of wine 😉

Why I love to sweat…

I used to underestimate my own potential before I found a healthier lifestyle. Working out (or sweating!) not only helps my body but also my mind. I love what it does for my focus, discipline, and confidence! Plus post-sweating meals are the best 😉

On a foggy SF day you can find me…

Running in the morning in the Marina. Then, getting cozy with a cup of peppermint tea while working on to a blog post for Citrus & Gold!