All about U: attention new clients – things I wish I knew

I saw the special for new members at a cool little boutique studio too… I decide to sign up. I alert my family and friends that I am embarking on -yet another- new studio and bettering my fitness lifestyle. I look at the class schedule…book my first class, “Revolutions, only 45 mins. Don’t mind if I do!”

Now what? Yeah, I read the glossy pamphlet and website. I washed my favorite stretchy pants. I gave my shoes the once over to make sure they were presentable. I wore extra deodorant. I put my water bottle in the fridge so it would be cool and at the ready. Cue the music… Im pretty sure I looked like a version of those blowy things with the wavy arms you see at used car dealerships. It ended with lots of sweat and I was so happy I tried the class. It took me a couple weeks to realize some of the not so obvious things at the studio, so I thought I’d fill you in:


Maybe one of the nicest things for new clients, the concierge is there to show you the studio and act as your guide. Feel free to ask them anything, seriously. Most of them are also from the area and know where to find the best Indian food or what the coolest new class is.


Usually street ample, but there is also parking in the underground complex 100ft south of the entrance. Public parking spots ONLY.


I felt like Indiana Jones with this discovery. Its stocked well and clean and they provide towels and a blow drier. You just ask for the keycard at the concierge and its around the corner through lobby of the attached office building. First timers, go with a concierge escort to find it.


Not that I need it, but uforia offers it for most classes. Just call the studio 24 hours before you need it and the concierge will arrange it for you, (650) 329-8794. It is $13/kid/class.


This weekly gem is the best way to find out about new classes, theme classes, clothing etc. There is also a good weekly calendar in the lobby if you want to know what’s going on that week. If you’re not getting the newsletter, let a concierge know to add you.

Creating an Account

Like I mentioned before, I discovered the studio and signed up for my first month as a new client. Through my account I can sign up for classes, check out the schedule and purchase classes and stuff at the studio. The best part is that the concierge can charge water, snacks, shoes, clothing..whatever to my credit card, a little too easy!

Introduce yourself to the instructor

They will likely seek you out, so dont be shy. But let them know you are there and if you have anything needed modifications.

Forget something?

Clothes? uforia has them for sale! Come a little earlier and browse the selection. Water? There is both spa water, tap water and bottled water for purchase.

Cycle shoes can be rented $4/class – come a bit earlier get assistance or try it on your own of clipping in and out before class. If you are still struggling, an instructor or concierge can be your hero. If you fall in love with them – you can order your own perfect pair and become master of your bike. The bathroom is well stocked. Take a look and breathe a sigh of relief, the studio really did think of you when stocking it 🙂

Late cancelation

There is a 12-hour cancelation policy for all classes. Many of the classes fill up in advance so I’d recommend you sign up ahead of time. If you’re on a time based package, 1 day will be deducted from your package. There is also a 5 min late rule. If you’re more than 5 min late for class, your spot can be given away.

Revolutions /uCycle classes

First come/first served; bikes are not assigned. There is a set of cubbies along the end of the wall to place your valuables.  If you are not a regular cyclist – you will be saddle sore for your first couple classes. Padded pants or not – nothing can help this except more classes. We all go through it, dont be alarmed. Bring water, although there is plenty at the studio and for purchase. That yellow dial on the main bar of the bike – that is the resistance. You will have a love/hate with that dial. Both types of classes will challenge you. We were all new at one time.


No one will expect you to know every move. Heck, most of the veterans do not know them all. AND if you do something different, its a bonus unexpected solo. Commit to it.


After over eight months at uforia, Im pretty sure I have most of it down – including some pounds (!) and inhibitions of wearing a tank top. It took some time and serious commiting to the classes that made all the difference. Turns out there is a magic pill for fitness, but its on a time-release and uforia make it easier.

Brandee Clark, uforia relations.

Feel free to contact Brandee with any questions you have about the studio, teachers or classes,