All About U: “I didn’t know losing weight could be this fun!”

At uforia we try to celebrate all accomplishments. Maybe it was an amazing Friday night class and so you stay for the wine and cheese after. Or maybe it was completing your first class and you’re met with chilled towels, fresh fruit and spa water. It really doesn’t matter how big or small your accomplishments are, we are always proud of you. Speaking of accomplishments, this week we were able to catch up with a busy working mom and Revolutions regular. She may have just been looking to get back into her pre-baby shape, which she has, but she has also gained a network of friends and supporters. Congrats Deepti!

How long have you been a friend of uforia?

Approximately 6 months

What’s your go-to class?

Revolutions with Alissia Kofman and Jackie Staub

What do you love about the class?

It is filled with positive energy, great music and the teachers are very motivating

Why do you choose uforia over other gyms or studios?

I work in downtown Palo Alto and I noticed the studio. What attracted me to uforia at first was the name. I then looked up the studio on Yelp and the reviews are amazing. I compared the uforia classes with other gyms and noticed that the uforia classes were much more interesting. I finally decided to come into the studio to talk to someone about taking classes and getting into shape after having a baby. To be honest I did not know what to expect. From the moment I walked into the studio I was greeting by a friendly face and was encouraged to try a class. I was actually motivated to exercise! ufoira staff also made sure to note that I recently had a baby and let the teachers know. In contrast to other gyms that I have been to, uforia pays attention to and really motivates their clients.

How do you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I am a vegetarian, so I try to balance my diet as much as possible another key is I try to drink a lot of water and of course workout at least 3 times in a week.

If you had to describe uforia in one word, it would be…

The name says it all for me 🙂 i.e. euphoria.

What’s your favorite uforia moment?

The happy feeling that I get after attending classes. A sense of accomplishment and the sense that I can do this again. Oh and I’m also down to my pre-baby weight and size!!!