All about u: Meet Lauren!



Meet Lauren–one of our Nob Hill booty popping uforians! We all know it can be hard to commit to consistent exercise and that building a healthy and active lifestyle can be easier said than done! We’re inspired by Lauren’s journey to find something that had her smiling as much as she sweat! We’re thrilled to share Lauren’s story with you!

What brought you to uforia?

I first heard about uforia from friends that work in Palo Alto and absolutely loved going. When I saw they were on Classpass, I decided to try it out.  Before uforia, I was all over the place! City hikes, running, barre, bootcamp, TRX, Zumba – I’ve tried it all at least once. I’m always looking for a workout that I look forward to. I’ve learned that if I dread going to a class, no matter how effective the workout might be, I quickly find reasons not to go.

Why Hip Hop?

It was worth it to me to drive an hour down the peninsula if I truly found something I enjoyed. Every Saturday at 9 I started leaving SF and going to Palo Alto for Lee’s 10:15 class. When I saw uforia was planning to open in the city, I knew there was no way 3 classes per month via ClassPass would suffice. I bought classes before the Nob Hill studio even opened I was so excited!I love Hip Hop because the hour passes by really fast – you are having tons of fun and sweating buckets and before you know it class is over. It’s the first class where I’ve never glanced down at my watch to see how much time is left. Between the great music, the instructors that each bring a unique spin to the class, and the choreography, I never get bored. I can never find a reason to not go to Hip Hop because it is SO MUCH FUN. You can tell by all of the hugs and high fives and laughter during class that everyone enjoys being there.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of trying class for the first time?

What are you waiting for?! Seriously, you don’t have to be a music video star to love coming to class. Just go with it and have fun, you’ll quickly be as addicted as I am.

How do you find your “uforia” outside the studio? Any fun summer plans or projects?

I love spending time roaming the city and finding fun new places to eat or shop, or hidden staircases to climb – there’s always a great view at the top! Summer plans – going to the beach in July and looking forward to a week of completely disconnecting and recharging.