All About U: Zumba post baby!

We’re always excited to catch up with clients new and old and we love to see clients after they’ve had some time off to grow their family. This week we go behind the scenes with Sarah who has been a Zumba rockstar pre and post baby. Not only is she adjusting well to motherhood but she is still making time for herself to exercise, which as she says, keeps her calm and healthy!

What do you like about Zumba?

I love that Zumba is fun. I used to dread exercising because I felt it was boring. Now I come to class and before I know it, an hour has passed and I have had a great workout.

 What keeps you coming to class?

The post-class high that lasts all day!

What else do you do for exercise?

I would like to say that I run in the neighborhood, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t usually happen.

How have you noticed your post-baby body change with Zumba?

The different hormones from having a baby made me feel crazy. Exercise really helps me de-stress and feel great. Zumba has also helped me lose my baby-weight. Only 5 pounds to go!

What is your favorite dance or song?

Seriously, there are way too many!

How has Zumba helped you deal with stress in your life?

Exercise has always helped me deal with stress. I particularly like Asya’s Zumba class because there is no down-time, so I am getting a great workout AND it’s a break from thinking about whatever has been on my mind.