All About Us: Carrie

GRIT Rockstar Carrie tells us why she loves quinoa, how she became fitness obsessed, and where she finds her uforia.

Meet Carrie

Sports Physiology Major, Collegiate tennis player at Indiana University, Ultra marathoner for 15 years, bike racer, fitness instructor since college… for me, moving my body some way everyday is a lifestyle. uforia is so full of positivity. It’s an upbeat supportive environment where everyone can be a badass. We’re all in this together.

Favorite Local Hot Spots?

I’ve recently moved to Palo Alto from Marin so I’m still getting to know all the best spots. Any recommendations?

What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time outdoors. I love hiking or biking Mount Tamalpais in Marin. It’s crazy beautiful and I love a good uphill challenge. You can also find me taking my glamper Van on adventures. I’m also really into Day Breaker Dance parties.

Where do you find your uforia?

Hanging with the people that lift and support me–and being that person to others in return. And getting a good sweat in everyday.

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

I’m a big Quinoa fan. It’s super rich in protein and fiber. I love mixing it into a salad or making gain bowls.

Favorite Song At The Moment?

I’m currently on a Galantis and Wham kick. But I love song recommendations so hit me up if there is anything you want to hear in class!

Anything else you want to share with our uforians?

I can hold an 8min plank. Are you ready to get there with me?