All About Us: Christian

We’re so excited to welcome new Revolutions Rockstar Christian to the uforia Crew! If you’ve been hitting the Nob Hill Underground, you’ve seen him rocking a bike in the front row. Yet another kick-ass uforian that’s found their way to the Rockstar bike, Christian is ready to take you on an epic ride. He’s all about great music, good company, and working up a serious sweat.

Read on to learn more about his pre-class goosebumps, current music favs, and… he’s in a band!

Favorite Nob Hill Hot Spots?

Christian2Head’s up: I’m a bit of a foodie:

Craftsman & Wolves: my friend William Werner is the mastermind behind this concept. It’s the ultimate in terms of making bakeries super cool.

p.s. check them out! 

Union Larder restaurant: Right at the top of the hill, it seems like a weird warehouse spot that’s out of place for the neighborhood. It’s got a SOMA vibe right in the heart of Nob Hill. And for more practical/essential items, you can’t beat the selection at the Jug Shop. And Crestas: probably the best go-to watering hole for any night of the week. Feels like Cheers.

And of course Cordon Bleu(right across from the studio!): I’ve been going here for years – when I used to take the cable car to and from work. Sit at the counter (there’s actually not many places to sit beyond that) and enjoy the imperial rolls.

What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

During the workweek, I’m a group account director at an advertising agency here in the city. 

Beyond work, I love getting outside – whether it be for urban hikes around the city or going for a run on Crissy Field. I also love getting out of the city – you can’t beat wine tasting in Sonoma or BBQing out in the east bay with friends. And I should probably mention, that I’m the frontman of local rock band, Talk Tonight.

Where do you find your uforia?

There’s something pretty amazing about the first few minutes of a class. I still often get goosebumps during the warmup song and that feeling is still there at the end of class as I’m walking out of the Underground. Outside the studio, it’s the little moments–the first cup of coffee in the morning, or the first breath of fresh air as I leave my apartment to go roam the city.

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

I usually take morning classes (6am!) so there’s not much time to have a big meal before class (I’d prefer to sleep as much as I can), but I do try to have some toast with almond butter before a class. After class, I’m usually pretty ravenous – so I’ll try to whip up some scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and a protein shake.

Favorite Songs At The Moment?

There are so many, across so many genres! I’m digging these into these buckets more recently:

– The Bieber/Taylor/Selena

– 90’s Hip Hop

– So-Cal pop punk

– Keith Urban/Lady Antebellum/Blake Shelton

– Anything by the Beach Boys

Anything else you want to share with our uforians?

My goal is to have my classes feel like an awesome road trip. Great music, good company, and friends alongside that make the journey. Sing along if you want. High five your neighbor. Let’s make every class a journey together.