Andrea finds her #uforia

You know the feeling-
everything feels just right and you’re riding an endorphin high.

That’s what we call uforia. Now, we’re all here because we’re addicted to the joy+sweat feeling we get at uforia but we also chase that high outside the studio (hello, we’re not open 24/7). However you find it–your happiest, most beautiful, badass, tough as sh*t, in tune with the word self–we want to celebrate it.

Sweat obsessed uforian turned uforia Crew member Andrea tells us her story:

 How do you #findyouruforia?andera-1

Can I say I’m happiest with a glass of Barolo in my hand overlooking a crazy sunset? I find my uforia by seeking out experiences and moments that take my breath away. I’ve got an incurable travel bug and am inspired by opportunities to find purpose in everything I do… recently those two passions have collided- I’m building a house with Habitat for Humanity in Jordan next month!

What does “uforia” mean to you?

I can’t even spell euphoria correctly anymore. To me, uforia is that overwhelming sense of *feels* when everything, even for a moment, is in its right place. Pretty hard to articulate, and even more elusive to experience. Through exercise, meditation and fellowship with my tribe, I can realize an attitude of gratitude–that’s my uforia.

Why do you love to sweat?

I absolutely love a good 6am workout. It starts my day on the right foot, and even if the rest of the day feels completely worthless (quarter life crisis!!) at least I can say I got a workout in. I also just feel like a total badass walking out of uforia at 7am before most of Nob Hill is even awake :). But really, I get so excited about coming to Nikki’s GRIT classes that I sometimes stay for doubles on Saturdays- she pushes me so hard and I’m so covered in sweat and my messy bun looks insane, but I feel like I can do ANYTHING. Nothing like endorphins ammirite?

12390844_1053730144691161_6115817078229505397_nWhy uforia?

I discovered uforia on Classpass actually! It’s the closest studio to my house and I would painfully stretch my classes out so I could sweat to Jarreau’s class every Sunday. I finally took the plunge on an All Access membership perfectly coinciding with a New Years resolution to exercise every day for a year, and it’s been the best decision I’ve made in a while! Every class leaves me catching my breath and high from the workout. The music is consistently bangin’, which is key for me. Never thought I’d say it but I feel like a part of a community at my gym. I joined the Concierge team in September and have loved seeing the uforia experience on the other side- I am now one of those smiling faces checking you in and helping fit your bike!