Born and Raised in Palo Alto – Meet Our GRIT Rockstars

You know them as the energetic people who make every uforia workout amazing, but there is a lot that you may not know about your favorite instructors. This holiday season, we’re getting to know all of our Rockstars – from their favorite treats to their family lives. Each week, we’ll profile the incredible team of instructors from one of uforia’s signature classes.

Looking to tone up and see real results? Our amazing GRIT Rockstars are here to help! If you’re a GRIT regular, you’ve probably counted reps alongside Chrissy, done cardio dance moves to “Call Me Maybe” with Lauren, and wondered how on earth Heather still manages to kick your butt more than halfway through her pregnancy. This week, let’s get to know more about this awesome crew.

heather2Heather: A born-and-raised California girl, Heather lives in the South Bay with her husband and, in case you haven’t seen her recently, they are expecting their first baby in the spring. Heather is a lifelong dancer with a wide variety of talents when it comes to shaking it on the dance floor – she spent her teenage years performing with a Middle Eastern dance company called “Shaken Not Stirred” and has an extensive background of Brazilian dancing. Her visits to Brazil have also left her with an impressive collection of crazy printed pants!

Heather loves teaching at uforia because she gets to finish her day by working hard with a group of people who help to inspire and energize her, no matter how the rest of her day went.  She is passionate about making people feel stronger and seeing them transform. She also has some serious love for uforia’s clients – “Everyone at uforia is so happy to be there and truly enjoys that. There is a personal, fun, unique atmosphere that you just can’t get anywhere else!”

When she isn’t teaching at uforia, Heather is a personal trainer and a freelance fashion designer. In her free time, she loves to dance, cook, travel, and spend time with her husband.


chrissyChrissy: Chrissy joined the uforia family soon after her recent move from Colorado. Although she didn’t know anyone in the Bay Area when she and her fiancé moved to Menlo Park, she says that uforia has helped her make wonderful connections with people and that everyone welcomed her with open arms…it’s her happy place!

She loves teaching because she is able to come into people’s lives and change the way they feel about themselves. She feels that she is given 1 hour to impact someone’s life, so she tries to give them some serious “me-time” to forget whatever else happened that day and just focus on themselves. The human body is capable of doing amazing things, so her job is to push her students and herself to their full potential. For Chrissy, seeing people leave her class feeling strong and healthy with huge smiles on their faces is the greatest reward.

When she isn’t teaching at uforia, Chrissy works at Oracle in Human Capital Applications and loves to spend time hiking with her 3 dogs. You can also find her taking classes from other uforia Rockstars as much as possible. This month, she looks forward to visiting her family in Colorado for Christmas.


laurenLauren: If you’re looking for a great way to start your day, join this bubbly blonde for an early morning sweat-sesh on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7am…we promise you’ll be wide awake after class! A Southern California native, Lauren and her dog Slater now call the Bay Area home.  She is passionate about fitness and helping people be their best, so teaching was a natural way for her to combine those passions. Plus, she hates working out alone! She loves the energy in every uforia class, and seeing her students work hard is majorly motivating and rewarding for her. She also loves that uforia is a community and a family, where she has personal relationships with the amazing clients and rockstar instructors.

When she isn’t at uforia, you can find Lauren working at a local software startup, taking other fitness classes for inspiration, and hiking with Slater. She is also our newest bliss Rockstar, so be sure to come unwind and relax in her class.

Over the holidays, Lauren looks forward to playing cowgirl with her family at an Arizona ranch and enjoying her grandmother’s delicious homemade peanut butter balls and peppermint brownies. Yum! We hope she’s sharing 😉


LissyLissy: If you’ve ever taken one of Lissy’s Revolutions or GRIT classes, you know that she doesn’t mess around when it comes to fitness! This girl has some serious drive and discipline, as evidenced by her recent entry in a local Figure competition. She loves her job as a full-time fitness instructor and personal trainer because she gets to connect with so many people and help them recognize their inner strength. Nothing makes her happier than helping someone accomplish something they weren’t able to do before or have a revelation about working out. She loves GRIT for its high intensity and for the burn! She says that she quickly learned to not be fooled by those 3-pound weights…they get heavy quickly!

Lissy lives in Menlo Park with her boyfriend. When she isn’t teaching or working out on her own, she loves to treat herself to massages and is always on a quest for the best filet mignon in town. Suggestions are welcome! This month, she’s excited to visit Rwanda to visit her sister in the Peace Corps.


jazonJazon: Originally a track star in high school, Jazon found his true calling in college at San Jose State and majored in Dance. He spends a lot of his time dancing and teaching Zumba, so if you like to move and groove, you’ll love his dance-influenced GRIT class.  Even if you aren’t a dancer, Jazon’s energy and sense of humor make his GRIT class a total blast, and his star pushups sequence is killer! He loves teaching because of the huge energy boost he gets from sweating with a room full of amazing uforians. When he isn’t teaching, Jazon spends his time taking dance classes and dropping awesome beats as a local DJ.


allisia2Alissia: Once Alissia takes off at the beginning of her GRIT Express class, you’ll be racing alongside her through 45 minutes of high intensity work and nonstop energy. She loves to connect on a personal level with each and every person in her class and loves to see people leave feeling at least a little bit stronger and more accomplished than they were when they arrived. Her goal is always to open people’s hearts and minds through fitness, and she works tirelessly to help everyone obtain both the physical and mental strength that they need to grit it out through whatever life throws their way. Alissia also finds joy and beauty in the harmony of a room full of bodies moving together to the music

In addition to teaching GRIT, Alissia is also a Master Teacher in the Revolutions program and was instrumental in developing the bliss program in her role as uforia’s Creative Director. When she isn’t at uforia, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their three beautiful children, and her friends.