Born and Raised in Palo Alto – Meet Our uCycle Rockstars

You know them as the energetic people who make every uforia workout amazing, but there is a lot that you may not know about your favorite instructors. This holiday season, we’re getting to know all of our Rockstars – from their favorite treats to their family lives. Each week, we’ll profile the incredible team of instructors from one of uforia’s signature classes.

This week, let’s get to know The Men of uCycle. This rockstar duo has been part of the uforia family since the very beginning, and we’re lucky to have them!

bruceBruce: If you had the chance to catch Bruce in uforia’s Christmas video, you already know that he’s a man of many talents. Aside from his stellar cycling and musical abilities, Bruce was raised in the bakery business and we hear he knows how to whip up some delicious cakes and pies! He loves teaching at uforia because he gets to help people achieve their personal goals, whatever those may be, and he values the many friendships he has developed at the studio over the years. When he isn’t at uforia, Bruce works in the Home Building Industry and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his dog, ideally in Lake Tahoe. Over the holidays, he is looking forward to spending time with his family right here in Palo Alto, and can’t wait to cheer on Stanford in the Rose Bowl!


coreyCorey: Although he now spends his days riding bicycles, Corey spent many years working up a sweat by running the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Talk about an adrenaline rush! He loves teaching at uforia because it is a community first and a place to work out second. He gets great satisfaction from witnessing people challenging themselves and achieving their goals. Clients’ personal victories, both big and small, really lift Corey’s spirits. After class, he enjoys going for coffee with some of his fellow riders before heading off to his other job as an exec at a solar power firm. This holiday season, you’ll find him with his girlfriend, his family, and other loved ones.