Come Werk It At uforia!

Whether you grew up as a ballerina, are the life of the party on every wedding dance floor, or regularly proclaim that you have two left feet, there is a place for you on the dance floor at uforia. If you’ve ever joined Lee, Alisha, Jazon, or Brianna in Hip Hop Club or Fuego, you know that uforia’s dance classes are the most fun way to work up a serious sweat. If you haven’t tried werking it with us yet, here’s what you’re missing!

Approachable, scalable moves:

Our dance Rockstars break each move down so that it’s easy to follow along. The moves build on each other so that you’ve learned a whole routine by the end of class. Even if you’ve never learned choreography before, you’ll have tons of chances to practice the sequence and will be surprised how quickly your body catches on! Once you nail the basics, there is plenty of opportunity to add your own flair to the moves.

11201927_937767456287431_8113859905548594560_nAmazing music:

You’ll learn the same routine throughout the class, but don’t worry, you won’t be stuck listening to the same song on repeat! We’ve got great playlists that make it impossible NOT to dance.

Looking like you’re straight out of a music video:

We promise, even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a dancer, you’ll feel amazing when you’re shaking it on our dance floor!

Dancing with the stars:

Not only will you look like a pro, you’ll also be dancing with the best in the business. All of our instructors are professional dancers with impressive backgrounds, from studying at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York to touring with Justin Timberlake. Plus, we’re keeping it in the family – did you know that Alisha and Brianna are sisters? What a talented family!

So. Much. Fun.

Seriously – there is no better, sexier way to exercise! Fuego and Hip Hop Club both offer an incredible cardio workout and will help you work muscles you didn’t know you had until you discover they are sore the next day, but the time will fly by so quickly that you’ll forget that you are working out!

See you on the dance floor!