Crew of the Month – Jing!

If you haven’t taken Jing’s Thursday night Revolutions class, you are seriously missing out! Her class is a killer workout with an amazing playlist. Ji

ng has been teaching for just 1 year and she continues to go above and beyond for her clients. Jing is also a master of the theme class, so check out her class Thursdays 5:30 pm!

Jing stumbled into uforia because she used to live in the neighborhood. After trying her first cycling class in Portland, she was then ready to check out uforia and was hooked after her first class!

One of the reasons Jing loves Revolutions, aside from how the choreo and music make her forget she’s exercising, is being in the underground (Revolutions Studio). Jing says, “I feel like I’m clubbing even though I’m (mostly) past my clubbing days”.

Jing decided she was ready to become a Rockstar after programing short workouts, both on and off the bike, for friends during the pandemic. She realized how much she loved doing that. Jing is the first to admit that she’s naturally not very comfortable doing anything in front of a crowd, so it was also a way for her to challenge herself and try out some new skills!

After just her first year of teaching Jing says she is much more confident now and she is always improving and learning, but has a much better sense of what being a “Rockstar” really means to her.

Jing has a very open and welcoming approach and any new client immediately feels comfortable in her class. Her advice for anyone new would be to give it a try, “uforia is such a great place to step outside your comfort zone and try something new: it’s fun, welcoming, and inclusive.”