Day in the Life of ETS Captain: Ashley C

Embrace the Sweat has officially begun, and both Nob Hill and Palo Alto studios are buzzing with excitement. It’s one of the best times of the year at uforia, and our entire team and clients take it very seriously. The two-week challenge and competition benefits the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, where studios are divided into teams and earn points by taking classes and bonus challenges. Our teams are run by team captains, and Nob Hill’s Team Blue captain Ashley C. took a minute to share with us a day in her life while she’s Embracing the Sweat and workin’ on her fitness!

8 AM

Alarm goes off and I typically lay in bed for a good 30 minutes. My bed is so comfy I often lay there wondering, “How badly do I need a job?” Then I realize pretty badly and I spring out of bed to get my day going!







8:30 AM

I start my morning with a warm glass of lemon water and vitamins, immediately followed by a good breakfast. I love avocado toast on Dave’s Killer Bread with a little bit of lime and chili flakes. Sometimes I will use almond butter instead of avo. I also have a protein shake to be sure to start my day with lots of protein and to help ensure that I can get plenty of protein throughout the day. I will typically have one more shake later in the day right after my workout. This plant-based protein powder from Pranoan is sooooo good, and it always satisfies my sweet tooth! I also have a second glass of water with breakfast because it helps start my day nice and hydrated, and it helps to keep me full!



9 AM 

Drink my coffee and check my weekly planner to see what my day and week ahead have in store for me. I also read over my monthly and yearly goals so they are always top of mind to start my day!






10:30 AM 

Walk to work and get some sunshine! Sometimes it’s the only time in the day I can step away from work, so I really enjoy my solo walks to the studio everyday. So crucial to get that Vitamin D!






12 PM 

Weekly HQ meeting where we re-cap the week before, talk about what we are grateful for and set goals for the following week. Talking about gratitude in our meetings is really important to our team, and makes a big difference in our mindset!




1:30 PM 

LUNCH! YUM! I meal prep on Sundays because I have NO time in the week to make good, healthy meals. My current fave go0to is a salmon arugula salad with pear, spiced pecans and lemon olive oil. So much flavor!






2 PM 

Start prepping for my 4:30pm Rev class, which means braids done by Drea or Michelle! I try to always braid my hair when I teach because it’s the only hairstyle that does’t make me feel like I look like a wet dog when I’m done teaching and drenched in sweat!






3 PM 


Foam roll! Seriously hurts so good! But seriously, EVERYONE should be foam rolling for at least five minutes per day. Here is the “Instagram vs. Reality” of foam rolling my friends! Just keepin’ it real!

4:30 PM 

Teach Revolutions! Then of course get a sweaty pic after class with my fellow Rockstars and teammates, because if you don’t put it on the ‘gram, it never happened!






8:00 PM

Dinner time! Can I just take a moment to say how much a love a good dinner that makes your mouth water and think, “Damn, I’m good!” I pretty much said that to myself with every bite of this dinner. I’m loving this fiesta bowl with slow cooked pork, black beans, spinach, avocado, spicy salsa, lime, and quinoa chips crumbled on top. And of course, a glass of water! While I eat dinner, I watch my favorite show, The Voice!




9:00 PM 

After a nice hot shower, it’s time for a face mask! All the sweating I do can be really rough on my skin and these face masks have absolutely saved and rehydrated my skin. Gotta protect that money maker! These paper face masks are $3 from CVS and are so easy to use.





9:30 PM 

Post face mask glow! I also put this organic baby lotion by California Baby on my face. Ever since I started using it, my skin has never felt better! Once I put this on, I’m relaxed and ready to get in that bed I’ve been dreaming of since 8am. Goodnight, uforia fam! Can’t wait to do this again tomorrow! PS GO BLUE!