Drop It Low: Build a Booty

As we starting Dropping the Layers to get ready for summer, we know it’s time to prep our booties for short-short weather. GRIT Rockstar Dynasti shares how she gets summer-booty-ready!


Ahh, yes!!! Springtime is here and with it brings  sunnier days, birds chirping, more time at your favorite park…and the opportunity to build a better booty just in time for Summer!!! I love focusing on the backside year round but definitely think Spring should really be renamed the Season of Great Glutes (wonder if we can make that happen?!?!..)

Maybe we can’t rename the season just yet, but we can definitely build our booties together!!! The keys to building a better booty are all around two things: 1. as Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys remind us so lovingly, Get Low and 2.  ensure we are focusing on the muscles around the booty as well.

Here’s my go to workout that any of you can try from the comfort of your own home and performed with or without the use of dumbbells (or another heavy set of weights). Why dumbbells? Dumbells= more resistance!:



  1. Start with 30 Lunges on each side: When you are doing your lunges, be sure that both feet are facing forward and challenge yourself to drop the knee that is behind you as low as you can go. Adding in your weights helps as well so that you can get a total body workout simultaneously. I like to say that a good lunge is the start to a better booty. Start here and you’re well on your way!

2. 30 Squats: Ah yes, squats!!! I know, this seems like the old traditional move to building your backside but trust me, it’s tried, tested, and works! When you drop into your squats, be sure that your butt is pushed out behind you and that you really sit in this; almost like you are sitting in a chair in a super exaggerated way (but don’t sit this way at the office, it might be a bit awkward in that important business meeting 😂). Drop it low and do 30 of these or maybe even add in 10 more, as this move is also the start to a proper twerk out on the dance floor.


3. 30 Glute Bridges: Focus on ensuring your hips stay up high and squeezing your glutes in tight. You can do this on your living room floor as well if you don’t have a box at home and add in those weights for an additional challenge. 


4. 30 Donkey Kicks on each side: One of my favorite moves. Coming to table top position, extend your leg out and then back in, squeezing in your glutes and abs to tighten up those muscles. Another great move is to grab that weight (challenge yourself to build up to using weights for the whole routine) and place it behind your knee, pushing your foot straight up for 30 counts. Your legs may yell at you now, but your booty will thank you later.

5. 30 Deadlifts: With both feet facing forward and spaced hips width apart, bend your knees slightly. Without changing the bend in your knees, bend at your hips until the weights are almost at the floor and your torso is almost parallel to the floor.  Then squeeze your glutes and push your hips forwards to return to standing. Your booty should be in the same position as your squats, pushed out towards the wall each time you come down to ensure you are not arching or rounding your back. Personally, I like to do these in the bathroom mirror to my favorite song so that I can see the gains happening, real time. My dog, however, is slightly less amused watching me do this.

And to you get you started, here are a few of my favorite jams right now to twerk…I mean squat too 😉. In my opinion, a better booty requires more bass to your workout playlist and I’ve got some great jams to keep you getting low each week!

My challenge to you this Spring: Take a before picture and then try this workout, repeating this entire sequence 3 times at least 3 times a week through Summer. Then, send us your best after picture of your new booty (new tweaking skills video with that better booty are optional) and how you did with the challenge!

In Booty Building Solidarity,

Dynasti xoxo❤