Drop the Layers: It’s Time for Spring

We’re in full summer prep mode at uforia.

 As we get ready to shed our winter coats for lighter layers and pull out short shorts, we’re thinking not just about the physical layers were ready to shed but the mental and emotional layers we’re ready to let go of.

Summer should feel like freedom. Freedom to feel good, freedom to be yourself, freedom to feel confident doing whatever, wherever, whenever.

So we’re asking ourselves:

What holds us back? What extra, unnecessary baggage are we hanging onto that’s slowing us down? What stops us from starting the dance party?

We’re identifying all the extra layers that drag us down and dropping them at the studio.

Here’s How:

Pushing ourselves further in class and getting the NEXT LEVEL workout that boosts our confidence in our favorite summer styles.Building the endurance and strength we need to summit the mountain on our next hike. Practicing our swagger on the uforia dance floor before we hit the real dance floor.

Yes, I can make it up Mount Tam!

Yes, I am tank-top-arms ready!

Yes, I can and will drop it low on the dance floor.


Drop the your layers, while we drop the beat.

Join us: uforia Class Schedule!