Embrace the Sweat Kickoff, Rules & Events!


A few keys to the challenge:

  1. Sweating is mandatory

  2. We abide by the honor system, meaning you’re responsible for marking your own points on the scoreboard.

  3. Trash talking is often a byproduct of competition. We don’t necessarily endorse it…. but we won’t stop it either! 😉

  4. Don’t cheat….it’s the honor system, the guilt will eat you up!

  5. Wear your team color and encourage other uforians to join your team; more people = more points!

  6. Get social! Bonus points will be given for social involvement. Watch Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for these exclusive BIG point challenges!



The following are the core events for the challenge. These events can be completed anytime throughout the duration of the two week challenge. As mentioned above, you will need to watch social media for additional online point challenges.


  1. Back-to-backs, Two-a-Days, Double Headers

    1. Take two classes back-to-back or two classes in one day

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 2 points for each time you take back-to-back classes or 2 classes in one day

  2. Wear it with Pride

    1. Wear your uforia gear to class

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for wearing uforia gear to class

        2. Earn an additional 3 points when you post a pic of you wearing your gear at the studio

  1. Random Act of Kindness

    1. Surprise a fellow uforian with a Random Act of Kindness and build our uforia community!

    2. Help a fellow uforian put away their props in GRIT, buy them a water, bring a treat to class

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 2 points when your Random Act of Kindness is noticed by someone else. The Concierge and Team Captains will be on the lookout for these happening!

  1. Stretch it Out

    1. Don’t let your strong muscles become tight muscles

    2. Attend a bliss class, OR stretch or foam roll at home for at least 5 minutes/day

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for every time that you limber up your muscles!

  2. Shake it up

    1. Try a new class! Thinking that you’d like to build your swagger but never had the guts to try hip hop, now’s your chance. If  you’ve never ventured to The Underground, it’s time to take the plunge!

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 2 points for every NEW class that you try that you’ve never tried before. This is a great time to try out different teachers!

  3. Sweat with a friend

    1. Bring a friend to class!

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 2 points for every new friend that you bring to the studio

  4. Follow the Leader

    1. Take a class with one of your team leaders (any of the Rockstars on your team). Attend a class taught by any of your team leaders, or arrange a team-bonding excursion and take someone else’s class together!

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for each class that you take with one of your team leaders

        2. Earn an extra 2 points for taking a picture with your team leader after class

  5. Become a Morning Warrior

    1. Participate in one of our Morning Warrior Classes: 6:15 Rev or 7am GRIT

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for each Morning Warrior class that you attend

        2. Hint: Take advantage of our current promotion, if you take one Morning Warrior class, you get a second early morning class that week for FREE

  6. Show us some love

    1. Join the voting for Best of Palo Alto

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for each time that you vote for uforia studios

    2. Write us a Yelp, Google or Facebook review

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for each review you write

  7. Plank It Up

    1. Build your strength even away from the studio

    2. Challenge yourself to a plank

      1. EARN:

        1. Earn 1 point for each minute that you hold a plank

        2. MAX of 1 plank per day – hold it as long as you can to earn more points!

        3. Try this: Plank together! Get your friends and family planking with you!

  8. Get Your Drink On!

    1. Challenge yourself to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day

      1. EARN:

        1. Add 1 point to your team’s scoreboard for each day that you meet your hydration goal.

        2. Hint: Drink water first thing when you wake up in the morning, not only will it wake you up but it will make you want to drink more water for the rest of the day