#Fallinlove moments captured!

We’ve been so inspired by all the #FALLINLOVE moments our uforians have shared this October and are so excited to start spreading the #uforialove! Whether we’re getting up before the sun comes up or sprinting through traffic to hit a post-work class, we’ve never been more inspired to #embracethesweat with you all!

Check out this uforain’s #fallinlove moment and get ready to be inspired:

My story is not unique, but it’s deeply personal to me. Uforia and GRIT changed my life 🙂 I struggled for years with my weight and being uncomfortable in my own body, but from the moment I started taking GRIT I noticed a change in my attitude. For the first time in such a long time, I feel motivated to get stronger and healthier. Amazing teachers like Jess, Lissy, Steve, and Jazon are the reason I’ve continued to come back to GRIT even during my laziest and lowest moments. The encouragement, energy, and zero judgement atmosphere is something I’ve only ever experienced at uforia. You may not realize what an impact an hour can make, but for me it’s erased years of insecurity and self doubt. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

xoxo, GRITgirl