#fallinlove moments captured

As we kick off the month of October with our FALLINLOVE free class promo code. We wanted to share stories of how we fell in love with uforia. At the same time, we thought we’d continue to get you acquainted with some of our Crew!

Meet Logan, one of our newest Revolutions Rockstars! You can catch him riding it out in Nob Hill. Watch out, his energy is wild!

LoganMy #FallInLove moment was during my first ever class at uforia. I was signed up for Revolutions with David, who is a friend of mine outside of the studio. He ended up needing a sub, so the class was taught by Jarreau instead. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even though I do a ton of outdoor cycling, I felt like a fish out of water. But Jarreau got off his bike and worked the room, bringing so much energy. He got right up in my face during a sprint song. It was such a great time, and it clicked. I became a regular after that, and soon became a uforia Rockstar! 

Meet Devi, pronounced “Day-vee.” Her gorgeous soul will move you in ways you didn’t think possible at your next Hip Hop Club class. We asked Devi, what made you fall in love:

DeviComing from living in Miami, I landed in the Bay Area hungry for an outlet of dance expression that rivaled the clubs of South Beach where the music is loud, the booties are shaking, and the party doesn’t stop.  Since I care much more about grooving and sweating than I do about stiletto heels and mini skirts, uforia offers exactly the dance flavors that I crave.  The fact that I get to not only dance, but also empower others to move and love their bodies is like the dark chocolate icing on top of a vegan raspberry cake… except you’ll never regret going back for seconds of uforia.  Try a taste and I know you’ll fall in love, too! 

Adriana brings a certain spice to our Rockstar team and loves dancing it out in Nob Hill where she also is part of our Concierge team bringing the best level of service to all our uforians!

AdrianaIt’s a place where I feel like I can always get my energy up. Whenever I’m feeling down or tired and I teach or take class and I feel better by the end . Because of the energy and vibe that everyone has once they come,  the studio is so welcoming and friendly!! 

Drea has been rocking the bike with uforia since Spring 2015. Her energy pulls you in and keeps you hooked. What was Drea’s #fallinlove moment?

It was love at first revolutions for me with uforia. Being welcomed by the Drea Rockstarsmiling concierge, the immediate sense of community I felt, and then a high energy challenging workout to top it off.  I was instantly hooked! Now as a Rockstar, I hope to pass along the love to everyone that walks into the studio!

We want to hear about your #fallinlove moment for the chance to win 2 free classes at uforia if your profile is chosen! Email us at info@uforiastudios.com