Get #BacktoCool with Fay!

How do you get #backtocool?

As September settles in, we’re looking for new ways to sweat, feel healthy, and up our “cool” factor by trying new things. But #BacktoCool is about more than just fitness. It’s about getting centered and finding a Fall routine that feels good.

A huge part of what keeps us centered, sane, and productive is music. Whether it’s the tunes we’re playing at uforia HQ during the workday or whatever Rockstar playlists is pumping out of the studio, we’re pretty obsessed with how GOOD good music makes you feel. We caught up with Revolutions Rockstar Fay to chat about her relationship to music and how she’s getting #backtocool.

Hey Fay! So tell us: what role does music play in your daily routine?

fay-playlistMusic is my inspiration! From a country song that tells the story of heartbreak, to a summer jam that you can’t help but tap your feet to, music makes you feel something, it moves me. Listening to music brings me to my happy place. Dancing around my apartment without a care in the world or zoning out to a good song in Revolutions always re-centers me and puts me in the best mood.  Most of what I love is driven by my connection to music.

Making playlists for my Revolutions classes has heightened my relationship to music even more. I love discovering new music and also rediscovering throwbacks that I haven’t listened to in years. I have so many memories associated with music – in this playlist for example, I have an All American Rejects song that reminds me of my first car, driving around with the windows down and blasting it. The Missy Elliott track was one of my first hip-hop dances I did at my dance studio…it’s great to reconnect with these moments through music and movement.

 Aside from making sure you’re rocking out to at least one song you love everyday, what else are you doing to get into a good routine this fall?

image1-1I’m proud to say that I ALWAYS eat a nutritious breakfast – I usually scramble a couple egg whites, with whole wheat toast and a cappuccino or green tea. It sets me up for a full, productive day and fuels my workouts. Speaking of workouts, one of my #backtocool goals has been to work on my upper body strength. I’m trying to incorporate more upper body workouts – including GRIT classes, and mini-workouts at home (10 push ups when I wake up, planks at my lunch break). Also, don’t forget to treat yourself! Summer might be over but we’ve got some sunny days ahead and I’m ready to live it up! (aka find some ice cream).