How Lauren Stays Fit On The Road

GRIT and bliss Rockstar Lauren is away this week on a business trip in Europe (plus some sight-seeing…we’re jealous!). Since her non-uforia job sends her on business trips fairly regularly, she has developed a great system for staying healthy while she’s on the road and away from the gym. She was kind enough to share some of her tips with us today!

Uforia Sample-3547I’m writing to you from the sky somewhere between Munich and Barcelona and missing you all already! As I got ready for my trip I had people asking how I stay in shape when I travel, so I thought I would give you some of my tips and tricks.

First, I have a “To-Go Gym” that I keep in my suitcase.  This “gym” consists of a few basics: an exercise band for resistance, a jump rope for quick cardio and a travel yoga mat (I use Manduka Eco Lite, but there are lots on the market) for those long days when I need a down dog more than an interval cardio workout.


Lauren's to-go gym

To get the benefits of group fitness classes from my hotel, I load up my iPad with my favorite exercise videos that give me a great workout without taking much time or requiring special equipment. If I have my laptop with me, I also throw a few DVDs in my bag to mix things up. It’s a great chance to try different workouts and get some fun new ideas for my GRIT classes!  I also use a bunch of workout apps on my iPad. My mom’s favorite is the 7-Minute Workout. Anyone has time for 7 minutes of exercise! And, of course, I have all of my favorite Spotify playlists 🙂


Even with my “To-Go Gym,” I try to stay at hotels with fitness centers.  When I’m tired from traveling, it’s easy to make excuses and say I don’t want to think of my own workout, so I bring my iPad to the fitness center so that I don’t have to think about what to do and don’t slack off.  I chose workouts that are 45 minutes or less, and combine both cardio and strength – like my own little GRIT Express!  After all, on a busy trip, time is limited and precious. My days are usually full of work (and hopefully some sight-seeing if I’m somewhere cool!), so I don’t want to spend hours in the gym. Making time to sleep is also crucial, especially on business trips with long days. Waking up a little bit early for a quick 30-45 minute workout is well worth it, though, because it leaves me feeling much more energized throughout the day.


Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.50.58 PMIf the hotel doesn’t have a gym and I’m stuck in my room, I’ll lay off the high impact and plyometrics to be kind to my neighbors downstairs, but I will still do some low impact cardio and use the resistance band to get some strength work in.  I’ll also do some yoga or work on new choreography for bliss! Be creative and make use of what you have in your room – chairs are great for tricep dips, wall sits make for killer legs, and there’s almost always room for lunges, squats and burpees!  Find things like water bottles to use as light free weights, or put your laptop in your backpack and wear it while doing lunges for added weight.  Make sure to watch your form though!  When you have less resistance, make the moves either slower and very intentioned (eg. SQUEEZE everything super tight), or make them explosive with jumps to get more bang for your buck.

My last resort, no equipment (doesn’t even require shoes!), no room, almost no time travel workout is:
25 burpees
25 squats or squat jumps
25 pushups
25 v-ups or crunches

Try to repeat 2-4 times.  You can always modify the moves, or substitute some of your favorites, such as lunges instead of squats.  I change up the type of pushups and situps each round, just to keep things interesting. For an extra challenge, you can add in a minute of wall sit or plank between each round.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a workout in everyday or if you do gain a little weight!  On those really long days of travel or meetings, I try to just get in as much movement as possible.  Walk to dinner or take the stairs instead of the elevators and escalators.  Walk around the airport between flights instead of parking at a restaurant or gate. I also make sure to drink lots of water, especially on long flights, and avoid junk food at airports. Pack your favorite healthy snacks and save those extra calories so you can indulge in some fabulous meals at your destination! After all, rest, balance, and treating yourself are important parts of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next trip.  See you back at uforia on March 6th!