Emma Ryan

Emma is a San Diego native with a passion for fitness, inclusivity, and empowering others. After a running related injury prompted her to explore alternative sports, she fell in love with indoor cycling. She always enjoyed dance, music, and intense exercise, and the blend of all three through spin was a match made in heaven. Finding community and accomplishing new challenges through spin has become one of her favorite parts of life! Emma‘s classes will always be a major rager; her playlists blend EDM, pop, rap, and some throwback hits. Emma aims to bring electric playlists, tons of energy, and rewarding challenges to the Uforia community. Get ready to party with Emma!

How would you describe your musical style? A good mix of EDM and rap, with a sprinkle of throwbacks.

Emma fun fact: Emma has been skydiving 4 times!

Emma’s IG: @emma.ryaan