Jing Wen

I love both fitness and music, so spin class is the perfect combo of the two for me. I’ve been forcing my friends and family to listen to my playlists since I was a teen (sorry mom and dad). In 2016, a friend took me to my first spin class and I was hooked by the energy and creative use of music. I’ve been riding at Uforia for about five years and now I’m excited to bring my own flair to class. I believe that fitness shouldn’t be intimidating or scary, come see how fun it can be with me at Uforia!

How would you describe your musical style?

I like to listen to a wide range of music, and hope to showcase that in my playlists as well. I particularly love that intersection between R&B and electronic music.

Social links: Instagram and Spotify: jingaling624

Jing’s Revolutions Schedule

Thursday 5:30 pm