Make it Count: February is the New January

10598382_899320000088866_631525132_nYou know how it goes. On January 1st, you make big promises to yourself: No more sugar ever! Workout 7 days a week! Goodbye wine and bread! For the first few weeks, you’re fired up about your New Year’s resolutions, but then life starts to get in the way and you get burnt out on salad, so you throw in the towel and decide to skip class in favor of staying at home with a pizza delivery.

We get it. Making healthy decisions all the time can be hard! Plus, there isn’t much that actually changes on January 1st (other than your wall calendar), so trying to completely overhaul your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

Lucky for you, at uforia, February is the New January and we want to help MAKE IT COUNT! We’re here to help you get back on track with your fitness goals, and have tons of fun along the way with our new 30-day challenge.

How it works:

All you have to do is sign up for (and attend!) 20 classes between now and March 16th. Commit to embracing the sweat for a month, and everyone who attends 20 classes or more will be entered to win our Ultimate Sweat Pack, full of great prizes!

We know that the one of the best ways to stick with a routine is to put your sweat-sessions into your calendar, just like any other meeting or appointment. Block off that 1 hour a day for some valuable “me-time” – you deserve it!

You already know that you’re squatting with Lissy in GRIT every Friday morning, so why not sign up for the whole month now? Can’t wait to leave work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to tap it back and sing along in Shane’s Revolutions class? Commit to classes now to promise yourself that you’ll take that time to do something good for yourself. Booking in advance makes it a lot more difficult to skip class!

Throughout the month, show off your progress by using #makeitcount and sharing the number of classes you’ve attended so far.

We can’t wait to get sweaty with you all month!