Meet Our Embrace The Sweat Team Captains

This is it: the last week to sign up for our Embrace the Sweat Challenge! This two-week team event starts next Monday, May 12th and will be full of fun competitions and team spirit. In fact, we’re already hearing plenty of friendly competition around the studio in anticipation! All proceeds benefit the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, so you’ll be supporting a wonderful cause while you sweat it out. Read here for more details and sign up online today!

Each of the four teams will be captained by one of our amazing Master Teachers. You’ve seen them around the studio and in classes, but how much do you really know about your future captains? Here’s your chance to learn about their quirks and their plans to lead their team to victory!

Blue Team: Shane

Shane Blue

Competitive Spirit: I have competed in tons of things including A Cappella singing competitions, soccer tournaments, volleyball competitions, bike and foot races, and nerdy puzzling competitions. Even if something isn’t explicitly a competition, I always make it one in my head!

Did you know?: I am a huge nerd and participate in logic puzzle solving events with my friends on weekends. We once stayed awake 36 hours straight to win the MIT Mystery Puzzlehunt 2 years ago.

Dream Superpower: Flying! Can you imagine a revolutions class soaring around the bay to a sick playlist? Not to mention the time savings avoiding the TSA and traffic.

Victory Celebration: A kickbutt workout at the church replete with awesome playlist, blue lighting, and victory-fueled adrenaline. After working up an appetite, we we’ll feast on copious amounts of chocolate, wine, and other delicious healthy treats. In short, my normal Tuesday and Thursday routine, except as a team.


Purple Team: Jess

Jess Purple

Competitive Spirit: I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years and then was the captain of my high school track team. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love competition! 

Did you know?: I love to dance! I’m always the first one of my friends out on the dance floor and usually the last one left. I’ll recruit dance floor strangers if I need to (sometimes that’s half the fun)! Look forward to some serious victory dancing, Purple team!

Dream Superpower: I would teleport, 100%.

Victory Celebration: We’ll kick back with chips, guac, and some giant margaritas. Matt isn’t the only one who can make a mean drink!


Orange Team: Lauren

Lauren Orange

Competitive Spirit: I spent my competitive softball career learning how to lead my team to victory. I also grew up in the So Cal sunshine, eating carrots to improve my eye sight and oranges to fuel my training for agility and amazing hand eye coordination, all making me especially qualified to help the Orange team CRUSH IT!

Did you know?: I first started seriously working out with Billy Blanks doing Tae Bo, so I’m ready to seriously kick the competition’s butt!

Dream Superpower: I would love to be able to fly so I could live in San Diego and still work up here and teach my GRIT classes!

Victory Celebration: We’ll all drink Orange Crush soda, of course!  Then, we’ll get well-earned pedicures to pamper our feet – they’ll be tired after all that working out and kicking butt!


Pink Team: Lissy

Lissy Pink Competitive Spirit: You name it, I’ve competed in it! From softball to figure competitions,  I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to competition and victory. Bring it on!

Did you know?: I had a lucky sports bra in high school…I couldn’t compete without it!

Dream Superpower: Accelerated healing power, like Wolverine from X-Men. I would be indestructible!

Victory Celebration: Mimosa brunch!