Meet the Team: Paige!

What was once a renovated church-turned-studio, a few classes a day, with our Founder Sarah manning the desk, is now a bustling two-studio fitness community that serves up sweat to 300 uforians each day! And our Crew is growing. What are we up to? We’re creating the #bestsweatofyourlife and building the workout community you’ve always dreamed of! Who are we? Well a lot of us began just like you, uforians who just couldn’t get enough!

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Meet Paige:

“I am from the wild and wonderful West Virginia 🙂  I’ve been an active person my entire life, from dance classes at the age of 3 to running cross country and track for a Division I University. Exercise and fitness are probably the biggest influences in my life.  I fell in love with uforia after Hip Hop Club with Briana and once I ventured to the Underground for a Revolutions class I was hooked.”

What do you do at uforia?

Palo Alto Assistant Studio Manager 

What does that mean?

I get to see our amazing Palo Alto uforians all most everyday and spend most of my time making sure they get the #bestsweatever! p.s. I’m up in Nob Hill usually once a week too!

Favorite Palo Alto hot spots?

The big leather couch at Philz with a cup of Gingersnap Iced Coffee.

What do you do in your spare time/outside uforia?

Running, traveling (near and far), hiking, going to concerts and music festivals!

Where do you find your uforia?

Outside the studio, I find my uforia on a track or at the top of a mountain, especially if there is snow 🙂 At uforia, I love seeing and talking to everyone after they’ve had a great workout. Come find me post-class for a chat!

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

Pre-workout: a few sips of coffee, a banana and a Cliff bar

Post-workout: Chocolate milk, lots of chocolate milk

Current obsession?

Getting in shape for the Boston Marathon! and Gregory Alan Isakov (more of an ongoing obsession though)

Favorite class at uforia?


Which class are you dying to take next?

Niki’s GRIT class!

Anything else you might want to share with our uforians?

I am a pretty easy-going person who you will probably find at any local concert venue, coffee shop or walking my dog around(a toy poodle named Hudson).