Member Spotlight – Kimberly

Kimberly has been a uforia client for over 7 years! We are so grateful to have her energy and dedication in our classes and community. Read more about her journey here.
How did you discover uforia?

Dance has always been something I’ve held near and dear to my heart, but I took almost a decade-long hiatus to pursue the world of… adulting. First college, then corporate life, and later went through some life-changing moments that challenged my sense of security, my confidence. Stepping into a dance studio, a dance class, both excited and frightened me simultaneously.One day in 2017 I conducted a search on Google for dance classes in San Francisco. After reading rave reviews about uforia, I knew that this was going to be the studio that I would step back into dance again. Went on their website, booked a class, and never looked back!What are your favorite classes and why?

DANCE. DANCE. DANCE. Pre-pandemic, I could honestly say I’ve taken every single dance instructor at uforia in all locations at the time – Nob Hill, Mission SF, and Palo Alto. I had my favorite instructors pre-pandemic but of course everything changed.

Now? I regularly attend Josef’s class as well as the pop-ups. I really enjoyed Allan’s and Trey’s pop-up classes. Fantastic instructors.

What is one thing you’ve noticed about yourself since being a uforia member?

Huge ambassador of uforia. Can’t pick one, so here’s two: Confidence and connection. I attribute the rebuild to my confidence through having the courage to walk back into a dance class again. With uforia, it provided an avenue that had the right mix of energy, fitness, and connection that reignited my love for dance and fitness.

Here’s a little secret… Pre-pandemic, I loved uforia so much that I even trained to be one of their Rockstar instructors!

What would you say to the client who is intimidated to start at uforia?

The format of a uforia dance classes is intended to pick up choreo easier than traditional dance classes. Repetitive movements help to lock in muscle memory, energy of instructors are thunderous, supportive community of all dance levels, especially beginner-friendly, and dimmed multi-colored lighting alleviates the first-time nerves and also sparks a center-stage type of fun. Start with one class and see how far it’ll take you!