Music Mondays – ’90s Day


This weekend, uforia is going back to the ’90s. On Saturday, we’ll be playing the best throwbacks all day, so dig up your scrunchies, crop tops, and neon, and get ready to party!


To get you in the spirit, our Rockstars have put together a playlist of their favorite ’90s jams. Enjoy!


8:30am 90s Rock uCycle with Corey

We love adding 90s flair to our uCycle playlists, so a full ride of ’90s rock is the icing on the cake!

9:00am SoCal Punk with Lauren

So Cal punk mixes up so many different genres from rock, to reggae and hip hop, there’s something for everyone.  It just makes you want to move and always puts you in a good mood.  Lauren is excited to take you all back to her days on the beach in San Diego when getting dressed up was a new pair of Reef flip flops and a fancy pooka shell necklace. Some sun- and surf-inspired songs are the perfect way to start a summer Saturday!  

10:00am Teen Pop Revolutions with Tessa

Bad as it was, 90s pop sparked Tessa’s love affair with music. From watching Spice World with her sisters to choreographing Britney dances with her best friends, the 90s hold a special place in her heart. She’s pumped to bring the 90s party to the underground, so pull out those overalls and scrunchies, and let’s get it! 

10:15am Girl Power Zumba with Alisha

Who didn’t love rocking out to all the fun, fearless, and sassy ladies of the 90s?! Come get your dance on as we Zumba to the best girl power jams!

11:15am 90s Hip Hop with Lee

These 90s hip hop jams make Lee feel like he’s back in middle school, busting a move with his old Walkman. Come shake it with him!