Music Mondays – Lady Gaga with Lissy and Lee

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!

Watch out, world, because we have a serious dose of awesomeness headed your way this week. On Wednesday morning at 9:45am, uforia is Going Gaga with two classes dedicated to one of our favorite divas. “Just Dance” upstairs with Lee, or tap back to “Applause” with Lissy in the Underground. Come early for your own moment with the Paparazzi in our Gaga-themed photobooth. We can’t think of a better way to spend your Wednesday morning! Here’s a preview of what you’ll hear:


photo(3)Lee’s Picks:

Lady Gaga – Just Dance: Like the title says, this song reminds to have fun and just dance!

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi: This takes me back to the days of being on tour and dancing on stage with all of the smoke and lights in my face. Plus, you can’t help but feel just a little bit cooler when you listen to this track.

Lady Gaga – Applause: Let’s dance on the catwalk, because this song makes me want to strike a pose!


Lissy’s Picks:

Lissy Orange

Lady Gaga – Gypsy: Windows down, music blasting – this is my “dont-give-a-damn,” feel-good song! You just have to smile and sing along when this one comes on the radio.

Lady Gaga – MANiCURE: Because every girl likes to play dress-up sometimes!

Lady Gaga – Marry The Night: I had this song was on repeat when I first moved to California. It makes me want to go out and live life to the fullest! In Gaga’s own words, “I’m a warrior queen, live passionately tonight.”