Music Mondays – Lauren

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!


Lauren & Slater
This week, GRIT and bliss Rockstar Lauren shares some of her favorite tunes that keep her going through her upbeat early-morning GRIT classes and runs with her energetic dog, Slater. If you haven’t gotten a chance to workout with Lauren yet, you’re missing out! Start your day by getting your sweat on in her 7am GRIT Express class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and kick-start your weekend with 9am GRIT on Saturdays. Lauren’s 7:35pm bliss class is also the best way to beat a mean case of the Mondays. After all, you deserve some me-time!


Nicki Minaj – Super Bass: I love Nicki Minaj and Super Bass is a classic.  The beat, drums and fast pace make it perfect for working out.  I use it for both cardio and weight sections in GRIT.  And it’s just so FUN!  You forget about whatever you’re doing and can push through those extra reps or cardio.
The Knux – Run: I found this song on Spotify one day and fell in love.  It has such a great blend of musical styles, instruments and again is really FUN.  I love the mix of singing, rap, guitars and electronics.  It’s a great peppy song for the middle of a GRIT class.
Maroon 5 – Lucky Strike I wasn’t a big Maroon 5 fan until I saw Adam Levine on The Voice and realized what a great overall musician he was, so I started to really listen to their music.  I love the range they bring into even just one song.  Their latest Lucky Strike has become a standard on my play lists.  The beat and pace are perfect for those lunge sections in GRIT!
LL Cool J – Headsprung I love heavy beats for squat sections and to start off my GRIT classes strong.  This song wasn’t ever a big radio hit, but I’ve been an LL fan since he sang about “Around the way girls”  LL grown up brings a different vibe, but it’s perfect for those low squats and big weights.  Plus we have the same initials. 😉

K’NAAN – Is Anybody Out There? I found this song on another workout album and it’s become one of my favorite cool down songs.  The great thing about group exercise and working out with friends is that you’re never alone in the fight!  I teach because I love being fit and helping others reach their potential and doing it all together as a team.  This is never a question you have to ask at uforia!