Rockstar’s Favorite Fitness Friendly Snacks

uforia Rockstars are experts on the never ending “juggle”. Most of us have full-time careers, some of us are full-time fitness professionals, and we can all agree with each other that our day-to-day can be summed up in 3 words: On. The. G0. While our “day jobs” are unique, we all have one thing in common. We get HANGARY after teaching our sweat-drenched uforia classes.  Keeping snacks around isn’t just necessary, it’s a way of life. What are your favorite fitness friendly snacks? Our Rockstars caught up with us and shared theirs.

Amanda Blackwell (Me!), Nob Hill Grit and Revolutions: 

Personally, I’ve been obsessed with Bulletproof Collagen Bars. They are full of healthy fats, taste AMAZING (my favorite is the Vanilla Shortbread) and actually do their job of keeping me satisfied for a few hours. If I need a quick carb source, I’ll  reach for a Honeycrisp apple. They are crunchy and have the perfect balance of tart and sweet. I try to buy mine from the local Farmers Market, and they taste even better! Enough about me. I got the chance to ask my fellow Rockstars what their favorite snacks are. Here’s what they had to say:

Melissa Olgun, Nob Hill Revolutions:

“One of my favorite snacks I reach for after class are the small individually packaged trail mixes from Trader Joe’s! They’re exactly what I need when I feel that hunger strike and want something sweet OR salty. I also keep them around for when I travel! They are great for portion control since it’s easy to demolish the entire bag of trail mix in one sitting.”


Michelle McGovern, Nob Hill Grit:

“My go to right now is hardboiled egg salad on 2 or 3 GG crackers.  They are legit the BEST.  To make the egg salad, I mash two hardboiled eggs with a teaspoon of mayo, salt, pepper, and a little mustard to taste. It’s full of fiber and protein, which help keep me full for hours.”

Megan Eaton, Nob Hill Revolutions:

“Almond Butter Perfect Bars! Perfect Bar is a San Diego based company and their recipes came from their dad’s concoctions while growing up. Their bars are packed with natural protein, absolutely delicious, and the perfect pick me up. I eat them pre or post class (or whenever my belly starts to rumble).”


Devi Hadsdell, Palo Alto + Nob Hill Grit and Hip-Hop:

“I find that it’s really challenging for me to get enough calories throughout the day. When I don’t know what my next snack or meal is going to be, it manifests as stress and anxiety. This makes sense though, right?!  I think of ourselves as human animals, and being unsure of what is available to eat is a sure-fire way to feel a stress response in our bodies. Making sure I anticipate solutions for myself is a crucial ingredient to feel happy and stress-free! My favorite bar (which admittedly, is as much of a treat as a “healthy snack”) is Bobo’s Coconut Almond Butter Filled Bar. I also really like Vermont’s BBQ Beef Sticks for a easy, high protein to carb ration snack.  I’m not sure if either of these really qualify as “health food”, but for this fitness professional they are definitely integral to my daily survival!”

David Murray, Palo Alto Revolutions:
“Maple Seasalt RxBar and Siggis yogurt! This yogurt is amazing and has a lot less sugar than most yogurts. It has a hint of sweetness, but not an overload.”

Melissa Chu, Nob Hill Grit:
“Not too creative, but my go-to is a piece of fruit and/or a granola bar. I’m a fan of organic fuji apples, but I love honey crisps too! As for granola bars, I like something that’s not too sweet. When I have the time, I make my own and keep them in the freezer to keep fresh and have on hand for the week ahead. I recently made these Chocolate Chunk Granola bars, and they turned out delicious!”

Kristy Skelly, Nob Hill Grit:
“Avocados and hard boiled eggs. This might sound weird, but I like to mash up the avocado and egg together in bowl. Add some garlic powder, pepper, Siracha– and bam! Full of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals needed to get through the day! I also love some whole-wheat bread with almond butter, sliced bananas, and a drizzle of honey.”

Jen DeBrincat, Palo Alto Grit:
Dates (not pre-pitted) with walnuts! I take the pit out and squish the walnuts and dates together. They higher on the sugar (dried fruit but it’s natural) but the healthy fats from the nuts keep it balanced. This treat is way better (and just as delicious) as chocolate.”

Ida Posner, Nob Hill Revolutions:
“I love to chop up slightly over ripe bananas, put the pieces in a freezer bag and throw in the freezer. They’re an amazing post workout treat, especially when dipped in almond butter. Everything is better when dipped in almond butter. Sometimes I get fancy and make one of these recipes.”

Steve Wilson, Nob Hill Grit and Revolutions:
“When I’m trying to be somewhat healthy, I reach for sunflower seeds with dried cranberries, or some grapes. When I’m not so healthy, Goldfish.


Hopefully you were able to get a little inspired from our favorite fuel! What are your favorite snacks? Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!