Spotlight On: CJ’s Ultimate Barre Class

CJ Blankenship is known for many things; Fitness Teacher, Dancer, Electrical Engineer, Singer, Performer and Choreographer, the list goes on and on and on.

What many uforia clients don’t know is that while CJ was balancing all the things listed above, he was also training seriously in ballet. CJ has lived, danced and performed around the country including NYC and San Francisco.

“I love to make people smile through movement”. If you’ve ever taken a class from CJ you’d know that he is serious only about 2 things, don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt anyone else. The rest is fun, and hard work.

As you can see… CJ isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

CJ is really excited to be able to bring The Ultimate Barre Series class to uforia this summer. “It is something I’ve been asked to teach many times, but it never seemed to work”.

While CJ loves to dance and loves ballet, he felt that the other barre styles focus too much on the serious strength components of ballet and not on the fun, dance movements. “You can’t take yourself too seriously in this class”.

CJ will combine modern and classical dance moves to take care of the cardio portion of the class. Next the class will move to the ballet barre for ballet inspired strength components. “Clients will definitely feel this part!”

The class will finish with core strength focused on building long and lean muscles.

“I hope that clients will look at barre classes differently after this class, ballet type classes can be fun and a great workout”. We agree.

Join CJ for a 6 week progressive-style series class June 25-July 30th from 7:30-8:30 pm on Monday evenings for $180. Sign up online under SERIES CLASSES or by calling the studio 650.329.8794.