Stay Warm With uforia This #SFwinter!

Alright San Francisco – it’s time for some real talk about this whole “summer” situation. While the rest of the country is talking shorts, tank tops, and heat waves, we’re bundling up and trying to stay warm while hanging out with our buddy Karl The Fog and some fairly chilly June-uary and Fog-ust weather. We’ve always liked being unique, after all. So, although every fitness magazine and blog might be telling you how to beat the heat and soak up some some sunny rays with your workout routine, we’re here with the scoop on how to sweat your way through a San Francisco summer.

1561 CA

For the entire #sfwinter, we’ll be staying toasty warm at 1561 California Street, getting strong and sexy for our REAL summer weather in September and October. Bring on those shorts, summer dresses, and crop tops – finally! We have the perfect sweat sesh for everyone, so gather up all your friends and come spend your #uforiasummer with us. Whether you’re shaking it in Hip Hop or Fuego, building long and lean muscles in GRIT, or rocking out on a bike in Revolutions, we have plenty of great ways to help you embrace the sweat and keep you smiling – no matter how foggy the day is!

2015-03-27 17.08.19-2Plus, as a special bonus if you’re just dying for real summer, head down to Palo Alto for a sneak peek of some sunshine and healthy dose of suburban charm at our original location. That quick drive out of the fog is just another fun perk of living in the beautiful Bay Area! We promise that our Palo Alto family will welcome you with open arms – and some sunshine 🙂