Studio Cycling Personalities

I’m not a natural born cyclist, but I really like the uCycle workout and love the results. I’ve been on a cycling blitz, taking classes 3 or 4 times a week, and from the back row, I’m beginning to notice the cycling types. Do you recognize them? Which one are you?

The Social Butterfly – come with friends, stay for the party oh and the awesome class!

The Workhorse – these folks come to class with a mission, work hard for those results. Good for you.

The Karaokers – come here to sing…love it!

The Sweathouse – ah yes, best way to rid your body of those extra calories and holiday cocktails.

The “In-My-Own-World” – let the music take you away. Just try to leave the to-do and grocery list behind.

The First-Timer – we applaud you just for coming! Don’t worry, you can blend with the dimmed lighting and no one knows if you’re climbing that hill or just cruising. Have fun and let the music move you.

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