The Couple That Sweats Together Stays Together

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this romantic holiday, we cozied up with some of our wonderful uforia couples to learn more about them and how they use fitness to strengthen their relationships. After all, the couple that sweats together stays together!

Tracy and Nathan:

Nathan and Tracy

You’ll find Tracy and her gang of girlfriends in every one of Matt’s classes, but on Friday evenings, her husband Nathan snags the bike next to her in the underground for a Revolutions date.

What brought you to uforia? 
In one word: instructors! Tracy originally followed Angie Mercado to uforia after falling in love with her Zumba class elsewhere. The rest is history!
How does fitness fit into your relationship?
We love being active, and it’s an important part of our everyday lives. It’s something we each prioritize; we support each other and provide necessary kiddo coverage to allow the other to sneak away for a workout. Nathan does a mix of CrossFit, running, and biking/spin; Tracy loves balancing high impact cardio like Zumba & Revolutions with Powersculpt conditioning classes. We each try to fit in at least 3-5 workouts per week — not a small feat with young children!
Wow! That’s impressive. What do you love about your couple-workouts?
Couples who sweat together stay together! Our relationship has become closer since we began working out together every Friday evening. We get to do something together that we both enjoy, it sets the tone for the weekend, and best of all — date night afterwards! Matty’s sangia hits the spot after a tough, sweaty class.


Shane and Jenn:
Shane and Jen

Shane is now one of our rockstar Master Teachers, but he and his lovely wife Jenn first came to uforia for a Valentine’s Day Revolutions class 2 years ago. They were immediately hooked and have been huge part of the uforia family ever since. Although Revolutions was their first love, you can now find them working out next to each other (occasionally in matching shoes!) in all of our classes. Gentlemen, take it from Shane: we promise you’re more than welcome in GRIT, bliss, and Zumba!

What role does fitness play in your relationship?
Shane: It is a huge part of it! We love working out together and while I love teaching with Jenn in class, I also love Rev-ing, bliss-ing, GRIT-ing, or Zumba-ing next to her. We tend to work out in the evenings and do one Revolutions class combined with another class like GRIT or bliss. When we can, we also try to take Lauren’s GRIT Express class in the morning. Weekends are also an awesome time for both of us to take as many classes as we can in a row with a quick break for breakfast. [Editor’s note: Jenn set a new uforia record last weekend by taking 4 classes in a row! Shane, we hope you bought her a big lunch after that!]
Why do you love working out together?
We both really push each other in class. It is just nice to have your best friend next to you and have a shared experience. After class, we tend to nerd out by breaking down the class, talking about what we liked and didn’t like, and getting excited about new music we love. It is just an awesome way for us to spend time together while we focus on ourselves as individuals and a couple. It is also an awesome replacement for going out to dance: we think that the music and ambiance are way better and we can get our groove on right after work on a Tuesday! What could be better?
What’s your typical routine after a tough set of classes?
Anything involving delicious food! This rotates between: LYFE brunch or dinner, Tacolicious tacos and salad, hot chocolate at Monique’s Chocolates, or craft chocolate tasting at The Chocolate Garage.
Yum! We expect an invitation next time!


Mark and Martha:
Mark and MarthaTo represent the uCycle crew, we have uforia power-couple Mark and Martha! Two years ago, Martha found uforia online and decided to buy some classes as a gift for Mark. Mark had just committed to doing a 180 mile Multiple Sclerosis Bicycle ride but the winter weather was making outdoor training less than appealing. At the same time, Martha was recovering from a heart attack and needed a fun way to keep up her cardio exercise routine. They came together and fell in love with uCycle!
What do you love about uforia and the wacky uCycle crew?

Once we started cycling at uforia, we enjoyed the classes and instructors so much we couldn’t stop.We agree that it is the instructors and fellow cyclists that make the classes so special.  From epic, ever-changing playlists and spin routines, to birthday celebrations, cool towels and blueberries, we have fallen in love with everyone at uforia. This includes Fat Head Olive Oil, John’s and Ted’s endless inspiration, a bike next to Anne and the fan, Buzz’s coffee, Gary’s avocados, Elizabeth’s latest poems, Jen’s effortless singing while the rest of the spinners huff and puff to the music, and “good morning” and smiles from all.  We have gained so much more than better health, we have made friendships that will last forever!

Those sentiments are amazing. We’re so happy to have you both in the uforia family! So, what do you love about working out together in Bruce and Corey’s classes?
We had always loved to hike and jog together, but had struggled to find time as life just always seem to get in the way.  Because classes must be scheduled in advance, we put them on our calendar and commit to making the classes a priority.  We enjoy working out and love spending time together, so uCycle allows us to combine the two. Martha is a regular in Bruce’s Tuesday and Thursday morning classes, and we always go to Corey’s Saturday morning class together. It has become our “Saturday morning date” and is a great way to start the weekend.
How do you usually continue your Saturday Morning dates after class?
It varies by week, but we love grabbing coffee at Pete’s with the uCycle crew or enjoying breakfast at Peninsula Creamery with Corey and Meg. Other weekends, you’ll find us sipping fresh green juice from Whole Foods while we visit the Farmer’s Market.