The Most Productive Lunch Break – Introducing a TRX Series From uforia Client Ilissa

Ilissa TRX2

Anyone who has had a chance to attend one of Alissia’s amazing 11:45am Revolutions classes knows that there are few better ways to spend your lunch hour. However, your Thursday lunch break is about to get even more awesome, thanks to a special TRX series taught by one of our faithful Revolutions clients, Ilissa Louth.

Designed to complement all the hard work you do in Revolutions, Ilissa’s class will help you tone your arms and abs. The TRX system uses your body weight against gravity to provide an incredible core workout through every movement – all core, all the time!

The Details:

What: 30-minute booster class to tone your abs and arms after you work your legs in Rev

When: 12:30 – 1pm on Thursdays. 2 FREE classes on 5/15 and 5/22, followed by a 6-week series from 5/29 – 7/3

Who: Priority is given to those who take 11:45am Revolutions first, but others are welcome to join, space permitting.

How Much?: First two classes are free, followed by a 6-week series for $90 total

Come check it out tomorrow and see what all the TRX buss is about! We promise you’ll love it.