#ThePerfect Mix: Cocktail Edition

This summer at uforia we’re all about finding #ThePerfectMix to make this the best summer ever. We’re exploring new ways to mix and match our workouts in the studio to find the most fun, effective ways to sweat and get the results we want. We’re all about maximizing our time in the studio so we can spend more time enjoying summer. While we challenge ourselves to mix things up in studio, we’ll be sharing delicious ways to mix things up (literally) outside the studio.

Kick back after class this summer with a uforia Crew member’s favorite summer cocktail!


I’m all about the Frosé this summer! I make mine by freezing watermelon cubes and blending them with some frozen rosé. Super super simple! You can add a dash of triple sec, campari, or a little vodka to kick it up, or give it a squeeze of lemon or orange. OR, make a mocktail and add a squeeze of lime, lime zest, and mint then blend away. -Tori



Minty Mojito:

1 Part Malibu Rum (or 1/2 ounce of your favorite dark rum)
1 Part Bacardi
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1 splash of sprite
1 part soda water
1 mint sprig
1 tsp sugar (or 2 tbsp for pitcher)
1 lime wedge (or 1 whole lime for pitcher)

Muddle lime wedge, sugar, and mint in the bottom of your glass or pitcher. Pour equal parts rum, your fresh lime juice and fill to top with soda water and finish with a splash of sprite. Garnish with a lime. To make an extra fruity mojito add your favorite fruit to the muddling process. To make non alcoholic Minty Mojito’s make without rum


Quick and Dirty Recipes:

Elderflower liqueur + champagne – light and sweet!

I love a good spritzer – rose with some sparkling water or seltzer with some raspberries or melon mixed in is refreshing and not too unhealthy!

LaCroix with fresh lemon or lime. It’s so refreshing and keeps you hydrated!

Classic homemade margarita  with no pre-made sugary mixes: Tequila, fresh squeeze lime juice, simple syrup, and maybe a slice of jalapeno for some kick!