uforia is Hiring: Nob Hill Evening Concierge!

uforia creates, develops and delivers the best fitness experiences. We believe that fitness should be fun and social. That community and relationships can make working out the highlight of a day. Our team is made of of ridiculously talented professionals, who know music, exercise physiology and how to throw a party equally well. We’re Artists. Coaches. Friends. Rockstars. We’re on a mission to change people’s relationships with working out. We measure success by the sweaty smiles after class and the strength of the relationships we cultivate. We’re here for the long haul and will leave a positive, sweaty and loud mark on the fitness industry, so watch out!


Evening Concierge


  • Meet clients with a super warm welcome
  • Help clients into class (check-in, answer questions)
  • Provide upbeat studio tours
  • Help your team with studio clean-up and restocking or whatever your team needs!
  • Assist clients onto their Rev bikes with ease and confidence (we’ll teach you how)


  • Someone who is flexible (shift hours would range from 4:30- 9 pm during the weekdays and 8:15-1 pm during the weekends)
  • Ability to work 15-25 hours per week
  • A half-glass full type of human
  • Easily and happily works with team members
  • Passionate about health, fitness and fun

What you’ll learn working at uforia:

  • Leadership and communication skills within a team
  • Superior customer service skills
  • CPR & AED


  • Competitive hourly-based compensation
  • A super fun team team and clients who will adore you
  • Free classes!
  • Professional training
  • Part time hours (~15-25/week) and flexibility
  • Discounts on all uforia products and clothing


Contact Corinne@uforiastudios.com