uforia Rocks Groove for a Great Cause

Last Saturday’s “Groove For A Great Cause” fundraiser was a huge success. “I had no idea we could get so much community involvement and support, this was awesome,” says Lee Pazmino who organized the event, secured the delicious food from Sultana in Menlo Park and taught the second hour with his insanely fun Hip Hop class.

groove 2

Groove 1

Rocking the Church

What really seemed to work for this fundraiser was the involvement from the community, in a fun and unique way.

More than 20 people enjoyed the dancing, food and cheer during the 2-hour event, while many more eagerly awaited the post-event video. Matt Zumba

A major dare was thrown down by uCycle die-hard, Gary Bacon, who challenged our uCycle teachers Bruce Cala and Corey Geiger to take the class at the fundraiser in exchange for his $100 donation. Once the gauntlet was thrown, it snowballed into almost $2,000 raised by the uCycle crew alone! Seeing their fearless leaders shake it on the dance floor was priceless!

“Of course, I would have to see it to believe it,” says Gary. Well,  you are all in luck, because we were able to capture some of the movin’ and shakin’ on video.  Bruce and Corey definitely have more swagger than they let on! Maybe you’ll start to see more of Corey’s fabulous jazz hands in class!  Bruce:Corey Fundraiser #1Bruce:Corey Fundraiser #2, Bruce:Corey Fundraiser #3.

hip hopWhen asked about his dance debut, Bruce says, “It was more fun than I expected, and will ever admit to”. Who knows…maybe we’ll see a Rock and Roll dance class taught by Bruce and Corey on the schedule soon.

In addition to the amazing efforts of Lee, his family and friends to make the event happen, Matt Adams was very excited to participate and host the first hour of dancing.

groove 3 “This is so awesome, I’m happy to be a part of this.  Also, having Bruce and Corey in class changes everything!  I am going to bring it!  This day will go down in the history books.  Promise!”

The Results

Matt was right! This was a day to remember, with a whopping $4,175 raised for the construction of a new school in Senegal. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and for coming to groove with us!