Uforia Studio’s Ambassador Program – Seeking Workout Moms with Kids!

I typically come to Uforia Studios right after dropping off my kids at school, so I can get my workout in before starting other activities in my day.  Some days I have an early morning meeting and can’t come in right away, but fortunately there are late morning and lunch classes so I can squeeze in a workout before pick-up time.  Lately, I’ve been inviting my other fellow mom friends to Uforia since sometimes it’s my only chance to talk/socialize with them before I am chauffeur and homework drill sergeant to my kids in the afternoon.  Now that Uforia’s got an Ambassador Program, I can bring my friends to workout with me and get personal benefits out of it too!  Sounds good, right?

Uforia is looking for representatives who are passionate about their community and creating a long and healthy partnership with Uforia Studios.  In particular, Uforia’s looking for moms with school-aged children who love health & fitness and enjoy working out at Uforia.  Do you fit this profile?  If you want to help influence other moms like yourself and bring fitness into their life, or if you are interested in giving back to your child’s school, or if you have a knack for motivating the troops (which is key for successful fundraising for your school) read on!

Uforia has put together an Ambassador Program for Uforia moms.  This program allows you, Uforia’s “ambassador”, to represent the studio and influence your friends to work out and socialize regularly!  In addition, you can sponsor a fundraiser for your child’s school and spread the love of fitness to other moms in your community.

Ambassador Opportunities:

–        Hand out Uforia “free class” cards to your fellow moms/friends and if they come to a Uforia group class, you will get your name entered in a draw for 1 month of unlimited classes at Uforia, a free shirt and designated parking!

–        If your contact purchases any classes at Uforia, you get a free class to boot!

–        Organize a private group class of your choice to be used as a raffle item at your school auction or fundraising event

–        Receive a free month gift certificate to be used as a raffle item at your school auction or fundraising event

If you are interested in being an Uforia Ambassador, please contact Sarah, www.sarah@uforiastudios.com to start a conversation.  She’d love to get your ideas and thoughts.

In good health,


Twitter: @thesharonwong