Weekday Meals Made Easy

We know that you love to sweat with us at the studio, but no matter how much you shake it in Zumba or rock those tap-backs in Revolutions, exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to staying healthy. Eating well is crucial, but we know that it can be hard when you have a million other things going on in your busy life.

jessThis week, Revolutions Rockstar Jess is here to share her stellar tips for making quick, easy, and healthy weekday lunches and dinners that fuel her hectic schedule and high-energy workouts.

During the week, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between work obligations, family and friends, workouts, chores and errands, the weeks fly by. It’s during these busy times that I find myself falling victim to those last-minute impulse meals that are quick and easy but killer on my New Year’s resolutions. In order to combat the pitfalls of my busy work weeks, I try carve out a few hours on Sunday to set myself up for the week. Here’s my routine – on a good week! – that I use to get ready:


Make a plan! Most weeks I plan out a theme, or sometimes if I’m ambitious a specific meal or recipe. I write down all the ingredients and then cross out anything I already have in the pantry. Most weeks I keep it really simple: lots of fruits and veggies, some lettuce for salad, some fun add-in toppings (cheese, almond slivers, beans, etc.) and a rotisserie chicken. I always make sure to have brown rice and quinoa on hand.


Once I get home, I prep immediately. I wash and trim all my produce and package it up if it’s intended to be a snack. This prevents me from being either too busy or, more likely, too lazy to use them up during the week!


Most weeks I roast up substantial portions of a few different veggies in the oven (Brussels sprouts, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower are my favorites!), cook up a pot of brown rice and hard boil some eggs. My meals are probably 60/40 vegetarian/omnivore so when we have meat at dinner, I plan an extra portion and throw it in the mix, but you could also bulk-cook some protein during your prep time. I keep plenty of eggs and beans on hand as well. From these ingredients I have enough to make some substantial and healthy meals all week. Here are some of my favorite go-to ideas:


Grain bowl: Start with between ½ a cup to a full cup of brown rice or quinoa. Top with diced chicken, roasted veggies, maybe a little cheese! Get creative: make it Mexican by adding black beans, salsa, guacamole (think burrito bowl!) or go with Asian flavors and add a little oyster sauce and sriracha. The possibilities are endless.


Salad: Roasted veggies and leftover proteins make salads feel more substantial. I love salad chains like Mixt Greens and Sprout Café and take inspiration from their ‘make-your-own’ ingredient lists. Sometimes I don’t change the ingredients up much during the week, but utilize different delicious dressings so it’s not too boring. You can find one of my favorites here: http://www.thesaltykitchen.com/mexican-chopped-salad-with-green-goddess-dressing/


Omelet: Breakfasts and dinners made easier! Use any mix of roasted veggies as a base for a delicious omelet or scramble. Serve with a simple side salad – so Parisian and easy!


Baked Potatoes: Whether it’s a plain old Russet or a sweet potato, baked potatoes are filling and serve as a great canvas for whatever toppings you have on hand.


Pasta: Throw some garlic and onion into a pan and add your roasted veggies, cubed chicken, whatever. Deglaze the pan with white wine and a little lemon and toss in your pasta noodles. Viola, dinner!

Thanks for sharing, Jess! Hopefully these tips will help other uforians to spice up their weekday meal routines.